Food Truck

Buying a food truck… or trailer?

So we’re currently in the process of shopping for a used food truck or trailer.  We’ve been talking to different food truck builders, and have been watching online sites for trucks and trailers over the last couple of months.


This is the concept I came up with – would be pretty much identical for either truck or trailer

At this point we’re leaning pretty heavily towards getting a food trailer instead of a truck.  We’ve been starting to think this for the following reasons:

  • on the cooking side, a trailer would be pretty much identical to a truck, if not bigger
  • cheaper insurance
  • kitchen is separate from the vehicle – we’ll need a truck to tow it, but if that truck breaks down, we can easily rent a truck and not miss a service

It’s possible that there could be a little less appeal to a trailer than a truck, but it can’t be nearly the same as the difference between a cart and a truck.  There were a lot of times when we had our cart parked in between two trucks and you’d see someone look at the menu of one truck, then walk right by the cart and look at the menu of the next truck.  It’s tough to shed the image of a hot dog cart, especially with us being the first cart in the city to offer anything other than hot dogs and sausages.

I think that with the right look, a trailer could have just as much if not more marketing appeal compared to a food truck.  Over the summer I’ve definitely seen a number of trailers that do really well, and between a trailer and a truck I think it comes down to a mix of how good your food is and how good your marketing is.

After contacting a number of builders and looking at a lot of trucks and trailers, we’re pretty sure on who we want to do our build, and we’re just waiting on some plans.  Getting excited for next season for sure!

We also started an Indiegogo campaign to raise some extra money for the trailer and give us more room in our budget for it.  Right now we’ve got enough to build or buy the trailer, but with any extra money, we would be able to improve the trailer, especially on the marketing side, including a full wrap and a rooftop sign.  We started the campaign a couple of weeks ago and our response has been really great, and we’re really thankful for everyone who has backed us and helped spread the word about our campaign.

To check out our campaign click on the image below.  Check out our perks and please share the link on Facebook and Twitter!


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