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Top 5 BBQ / Grilling Resource Websites

Over the last few years of learning to BBQ, I’ve visited a number of different websites to learn different techniques, check out recipes for rubs and sauces, and find instructions on how to build my own smoker. I thought I’d take a minute to put together my 5 favourite sites: the 5 that I check regularly still. If you’re looking to learn how to BBQ, or even just looking for some new recipes for the grill, you should definitely check these sites out.

1. Amazing Ribs – The Science of BBQ & Grilling
Run by the aptly named Meathead, Amazing Ribs is one of the most informative sites on the Internet when it comes to BBQ and grilling. There’s a huge variety of recipes, tips and techniques, product reviews, and more. Meathead also likes to cut through a lot of the BS that’s out there in the BBQ/grilling world, such as the beer can chicken (did you know the beer does nothing?).

2. The Smoke Ring Forums
Along with the BBQ Brethren forums, this is one of the best places to get feedback on your cooks or for any questions you have. This forum has a great sub forum devoted to building your own smokers, and even has a welding forum (which I’ve been reading quite a bit).

3. The BBQ Brethren Forums
The BBQ Brethren is another great forum site. Between this one and The Smoke Ring forums, you should be able to get an answer for just about any BBQ-related question possible. Also home to the Ugly Drum Smoker mega-thread: 10,000+ posts about the construction of a smoker using a 55-gallon steel drum. I consulted this one a lot while I was building my own Ugly Drum Smoker, and it was an invaluable resource.

4. BBQ Pit Boys
BBQ Pit Boys has a huge collection of recipes, along with videos showing how each recipe is made. Over 300+ videos are available. Most importantly, the first recipe category is Recipes with Bacon – how can you go wrong?

5. Meat Inc.
This is another site with a great collection of BBQ recipes. I’ve tried out a few of the recipes from here, and they’ve all turned out great. My favourite thing that I tried from here was Armadillo Eggs, which we made at a competition last year and took third place with.

Have any other sites you think should be included on this list? Link to them in the comments, and I’ll check them out!

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