Come see us at the Food & Drink Fest on Saturday from 1-5pm!


The MeatVentures Meat Wagon will be at the Roux Commissary booth (129/130) at the Hamilton Food & Drink Fest from 1-5pm on Saturday March 22nd!


This is our first event of the year and last night we smoked a batch of our double-pepper bacon over a mix of hickory and cherry hardwood smoke.  We’ll be using it to make Pig Shots: a sausage/bacon shooter filled with a mix of cream cheese, brown sugar, and a touch of Dawson’s Garlic Jalapeño hot sauce!  We’ll be serving it together with Poink balls: a mozarella stuffed garlic jalapeño cheddar sausage meatball wrapped in bacon, glazed in our signature spicy BBQ sauce, and topped with a bit of garlic lime crema.

These are the two appetizers we turned in at the Chadwicks & Hacks freestyle BBQ competition a few weeks ago, and we’re excited to be showcasing them at the show!

Look for us at the Roux Commissary booth (129/130) on Saturday from 1-5!  Click here to get a coupon for $2 off the show ticket price.

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